6.5ft Light Mahogany Canopy Pub Bar

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    • Dimensions:86.75H 80W 75.5D
    • Description:

This is a gorgeous 6.5ft solid light mahogany canopy mirrored home pub bar. It features a beautiful canopy with elegant beveled edges richly adorned with fluted accents and attractive paneled raised surfaces. On its ceiling it has four stemware shelves to store plenty of glasses and it is also decorated with fluted accents and raised surfaces. The canopy has six gorgeous ring and vase turned columns which are also its supports.

The back of the bar features a beautiful large beveled mirror on its center with two scalloped mirrors on its sides and two rectangular ones below them. All the mirrors are beautifully framed with an elegant raised wood trim edge. The top surface is spacious and it has two shelves which are decorated with beautiful scroll accents. Under it on the sides there are two smooth operating drawers well constructed with dovetail joinery and they have elegant raised wood trim edge with very attractive handles, and on the center there are two faux drawers which provide extra space inside them should you wish to add an optional sink to the top surface of the bar for additional cost. In addition there is a cabinet that has two shelves, one that is removable, and it has traditional paneled doors with attractive small handles and there are 4 convenient and spacious shelves, two that are removable, for plenty of storage.

The front of the bar has a beautiful top surface with a very nice finish and it has a traditional beveled edge. Its front is very elegant decorated with fluted accents and paneled raised beveled surfaces with very attractive brass rails. Its back has four smooth operating drawers which are also well constructed with dovetail joinery, two spacious shelves and a set of two wine racks conveniently located on the sides each capable of storing 12 bottles. This bar is very strong and sturdy. From its overall beauty to quality build this extravagant piece of furniture will not only enrich your current home decor with its opulence but it will also provide you a lifetime worth of luxury and pleasure.

This bar was made specifically for those who are interested in having the luxury of adding a convenient sink to the back of the bar.

Accommodates Kegarator

Other Dimensions (In inches)
Back of Bar 86.75H x 78.5W x 20.25D
Main Mirror 31.25H x 30.75W
Side Mirrors 16.25H x 13W
Rectangular Mirrors 8H x 13W
Top Surface 38.5H x 77.5W x 18.5D
2 Drawers 5H x 14W x 14.5D
2 Scalloped Mirrors Shelves 25.75H x 20W x 14D
2 Rectangular Mirrors Shelves 13.75H x 18W x 13.75D
Bottom Left/Right Shelves 11/9H x 18.5W x 16.5D
Cabinet Shelves 18.5/9.25 x 35.25W x 16.5D

Front of Bar 86.75H x 78W x 29D
Top Surface 38.5H x 77W x 24.75D
4 Drawers 5H x 14W x 10.75/15.5D
Shelves 10.25/9.75H x 35.25W x 17D


This Bar Comes in 4 Large Sections
Canopy: 8H x 80.5W x 71.75D
Back Mirror: 40.75H x 75.25W x 16.5D
Back Bottom: 38H x 78W x 19.75D
Front: 39.25H x 78W x 25D

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