Decorating Interior Spaces with Light

Posted by Mahogany Millworks by Design on 10th Feb 2020

Decorating with light means paying attention to its different functions: ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting. Ambience is the mood or atmosphere of a place, so think of ambient as the general type of lighting. Task lighting is most commonly found in office and industrial settings. Accent lighting emphasizes, or draws attention to, a featured aspect of the room. Decorative—also called “artistic”—lighting either gives off an effect or exists as some highlighted aspect of a design space. All other types of light serve a practical purpose; decorative lighting, instead, is the focal point.

Ballantine Bronze with Dutch Gold Key Pendant Chandelier
This exquisite pendant chandelier has a bronze verdigris with a striped gourd finish (exterior) and Dutch gold
finish (interior). The piece features key drop-pendant detailing and wrought iron with zinc construction, all in contemporary style.

Coleville Bronze Gold/Off-White Linen Chandelier
This contemporary drum chandelier has a bronze-gold finish, off-white linen shade, and diffuser with a drum wire-frame design. It also has wrought iron construction in the contemporary style.

Fairwater Abaca/Glass Nautical Pendant Chandelier
Boasting natural abaca woven rope and a translucent glass globe, this pendant chandelier has an old iron metal finish. It also has wrought iron construction in contemporary style.

Infinity Left Scrolled Floral Traditional Wall Sconce
This distinctive wall sconce has a Viejo gold and silver leaf finish with a scrolled wall plate. It is left facing but also available as right facing. The piece is sold as pin-ups so that sconce can be hardwired or plugged in. It has wrought iron as well as solid wood construction in traditional style.